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Grade A

The device will appear nearly brand new, with no significant scratches or marks on either the case or screen.

Grade B+

The case will be free of dents or scratches, while the screen may have scratches (without any cracks). It will be sold with pre-installed tempered glass, and newer models will feature improved battery health.

Both the case and screen will exhibit indications of usage, with anticipated scratches on the screen. Occasional visibility of small dents on the case may occur. Newer models, however, will boast enhanced battery health.

About Us

Wholesale Cell Phone Distributor & Used Phone Supplier

Sultan Cellular LLC. is a U.S.-based wholesale distributor specializing in used smartphones and tablets, bringing over three decades of combined expertise to the mobile electronics and distribution sector. Our primary goal is to consistently provide our customers with a wide selection of quality-assured cell phones and tablets every week. Our enduring presence in the wholesale used phone industry is a testament to our commitment to cultivating strong partnerships and upholding high standards of integrity.

Why Us?


Our company is led by experienced executives and dedicated employees who have demonstrated commitment and proper execution of each project.


By focusing on the success of our valued customers and partners, we have earned an industry-leading reputation for trust and integrity. Whether large or small, we provide all our clients with the same unrivaled levels of service, tailored to the specific dynamics of their market.


No matter which inventory source you choose, you’ll work with the same team of sales and customer service staff to ensure your experience is seamless.


All devices undergo a stringent testing and grading process, ensuring consistent quality


We source our inventory of wholesale cell phones directly from carriers and manufacturers to ensure consistent supply


Experience uninterrupted support with our 24/7 service commitment, ensuring your needs are met around the clock.